We have moved past the single-word “why?” stage to “Why do we have to die?”

Twice in the past two weeks, my 6-year-old started sobbing at bedtime. Why? The first time he answered, “because I don’t want you to die” and then tonight it was “because I don’t want to die.”

A few months ago, my youngest son, at age 4, started crying and when I asked why, he said, “because I don’t want you to die.”

It freaked me out a little, because it made me wonder if they knew something that I didn’t know. Were they having some kind of premonition? Are they physic? Then I realized that I was the parent and I needed to come up with an answer.

Everybody dies, and hopefully it won’t be for a long time.

Even when somebody dies, they are still with you because they’re in your heart.

During the first conversation, the conversation led to the topic of reincarnation and maybe we’ll know each other in a future life. But will you be my mom in a future life? I want you to always be my mom.

Tonight’s conversation included tears because he would miss his friend Ryan and wouldn’t be able to watch any Minecraft videos.

Earlier this year, my youngest son, from the back seat of the car told me, “I see G-d.”

“Where?” I replied, glancing in my rear-view mirror. Is he seeing a vision?

He pointed out the window to the sky, “Up there, in the clouds.”

I looked up in the sky and it sure enough, it almost looked like a face. One cloud looked like cloud-shaped hair, then smaller clouds looked like a nose and mouth (no eyes).

I asked him if he has seen G-d before and he said, no.

Then I drove extra carefully, just in case.