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With “1999” recently in my head (see previous post), I looked into my journals and found a journal entry from New Year’s Day 2000. More than 16 years and although there’s been lots of changes in my life since (marriage, three kids and all that comes along with that), it almost sounds like I could have written it yesterday. Except the belly dancing resolution.

Jan. 1, 2000

The 1900s are now over. 20th-Century Fox is now outdated. Now it’s the 00s. I was born in a different century. Weird! Now I’ve been alive in five different decades: The 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and the 00s. Haven’t watched the news or read the newspaper yet today but from what I can tell, the world did not end. No loss of electricity, phone service, ATM money, gas, no plane crashes, terrorism, etc. etc. etc. Whew!

But generator salespeople have had a good year. Oh, and yay, no more Millennium talk. Hopefully. But I’m probably wrong about that – I’m sure companies can milk that a little more.

The world hasn’t changed in any way, just the date on the calendar. I suppose I shouldn’t speak for the world though, how presumptuous of me. I suppose whole words change each day for different people: A single second can change lives forever.

Listening to songs and forcing myself not to take any word of it personally. Because really nothing revolves around me, I just happen to be there. Keep reminding myself of that. Trying to not even listen to the words because they don’t mean a thing. Can’t help but get choked up anyways. Ah, how pathetic.

Any New Year’s resolutions this year? To try to get some resemblance of control over my life, I suppose. Six months to make some money then I can re-evaluate everything again before the summer and see what’s next.

Also: Intro to P.R. class, bellydancing class, flat abs (probably an unattainable goal), make a tape of my songs, work on others. Try to write a novel. Again. Try to write a bit each day.