A few weeks ago, I contacted a legendary music producer after hearing a radio interview with him and really being impressed with his passion for music and helping songwriters. After a few emails back and forth trying to set up a time to talk, he ended up calling me and we chatted for about an hour.

I don’t want to say his name at this point because it’s too early to do so, but he was so nice and so gracious and I was so appreciative that he took the time to not only  listen to some of my songs but to talk to me about them and give me advice. Since my songs have always been a really personal thing for me and something I’m not used to sharing with others, it was really a life-changing conversation for me and got me thinking about what I really want to do with them.

After our conversation, I started reading more about the business – both in the Songwriters Market, which I bought a couple weeks before that, and online.

He had also given me an idea of what the process is to record a song at his studio, which ended up being way out of my price range. We renegotiated by cutting down on some of the instrumentation, but it’s still not an amount that is readily available for me, especially right now when there are still some weeks this summer that I haven’t arranged for summer camp for the kids.

So I was totally bummed that I couldn’t just jump into this project – did I mention that he was interested in recording one of my songs? Oh, I didn’t mention that? Oh, well yes, this legendary producer thought one of my songs had some potential and although I wasn’t clear on some of the vocabulary he used to describe it, the end result is that he thought it had potential.

So anyway, there I was the day after discovering that even the lower price was currently out of reach, and I found in my work inbox a free “No Experience Necessary” class at a local community college about studio recording. It’s one evening a week for the month of June.

Tonight was the first class – it focused on acoustics and microphones and the importance of both when it comes to recording a song. (And it made me realize just how un-ideal the conditions of my recording situation are and, hence, how unprofessional my current recordings must sound.)

Next week the topic is mixing and recording (so maybe I’ll understand some of the vocabulary if I ever get to work with said producer), then the following week there will be a singer-songwriter performing and we’ll learn about how recording conditions and equipment changes the sound of the recording and the final week is about electronic music.

Meanwhile, I’m in the process of writing a new song – this time my husband is playing lead guitar so it is sounding better than ever – and I am really excited about how that is turning out.