I had never heard of Christina Grimmie until last night. #PrayforChristina was trending on Twitter and I clicked on it to see why. The story was heartbreaking – a 22-year-old talented singer whose presence on YouTube and her appearance on “The Voice” had gained a large number of fans was shot when signing autographs after a concert in Orlando, Florida. Her brother heroically tackled the shooter and during the struggle, the shooter fatally shot himself. Christina was rushed to the hospital. Her last Twitter post was inviting fans to come to her show.

By all accounts, she was a sweet person and very kind to her fans and from the videos I watched, it was apparent that she was a VERY talented singer. I said a little prayer for her and went to sleep.

I ended up waking up around 3 a.m. after a weird dream and immediately thought of her – I checked Twitter and sadly, the hashtag had changed to #RIPChristina.

The police have identified the shooter, but I don’t even want to type out his name in the same post.

When I checked into Twitter tonight, her name was no longer trending, the list of trending topics moved on to something new. So I just felt like I wanted to write a little post about her. Even though 24 hours ago, I had never heard of her, her death made me so sad. Some tweets from her fans wrote about how they had grown up with her YouTube videos (she started her YouTube channel at 16 years old and had more than 3 million YouTube subscribers) and how she was always so kind to them when they tweeted her. She recently debuted an EP called “Side A” – in a recent article, she said she wanted a title that hinted at a second – “like Side B,” that she was planning on releasing sometime this year.


You trended for a day
Then your hashtag went away
Disappeared and was replaced by someone new
A world was revealed
The moment you were killed
Tributes and tears were shared for you

It’s not meant to end this way
Your dreams were shot down yesterday
A future once so bright extinguised suddenly
But your light continues to shine
In the hearts and on the minds
Of those you shared yourself with so generously.