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When I write songs, I usually write the lyrics and melodies first and then write the music afterward. Since my guitar chord ability is limited, this often causes many of my songs to have similar sounds. So I thought I’d try something new and start with the music this time and then add the lyrics. I even learned a new chord – C, which used to be a big challenge for me but somehow I’m able to stretch my fingers to play it now.

So here it is – I started playing the C, came up with chords that sounded like it went with it then the first line came to me “I never knew what you believed in” and went from there. I finished the first version of the song the same evening – once I had that first line – and a recent news headline in mind – it almost wrote itself. In the following week, I tweaked a few of the lyrics as I sang/played it over and over certain parts needed to be smoothed out.

One thing that took awhile was the bridge.  I never purposely wrote a bridge into a song before. I knew songs are supposed to have one, but was never really clear on what it was. I tried to grasp it and it took several days to come up with one, both the music and the lyrics. Still not sure if I got it right.

But here’s my newest song, “Evening News.”

Click here for the lyrics.