One of the things holding me back about publicizing my songs on YouTube is that I’m hesitant to make a video. I not all that tech savvy about making videos and I don’t want to just have one of me sitting in my living room playing guitar.

Then it dawned on me that I don’t really like most pictures of me in general and maybe that’s holding me back in other ways, too. If I wanted to be a Vine or Snapshat or Instagram celebrity (I don’t), you can’t really do that if you don’t like pictures of yourself. And today’s society is all about the pictures – it wasn’t as much of an issue 20 years ago when I was in my 20s. I’ve read some articles recently about how those “candid” snapshots of people often take a lot of work to set up and so it’s not really all that real at all.

I know with myself, when I’m posting pictures of our family trip, I tend to select the best one out of the dozen “candid” shots and avoid the ones that remind me that I was yelling, “Just look at the camera! NO silly faces, NO bunny ears, put your shirt down, put your tongue in your mouth – just look at the camera and smile!!” Sometimes I remember to tell them that we can do a silly one after the photo shoot but I just want one GOOD picture. (And often it’s the silly ones that bring back the best memories anyway.)

Anyway, that’s what I had in mind when I wrote this song, “A Pixelated World.” That in this world where everybody is constantly sharing photos of their life, it’s often more the photos of how they’d like their life to be rather than how it actually is. And how these “sunny snapshots” are mixed in my Facebook timeline with the distressing news stories of the day.