Work in transition
The landscaping is finally finished and the fake grass looks so green and beautiful
There are even plastic picnic tables on the lawn so you can eat your lunch there
But nobody does.

Inside the building, the hallways are unfinished, with cardboard lining the floor
The walls are painted gray and the painter painted right over the mezuzah
The bathroom has new tiles, lots of black and white tiles, but no mirror
The new paper towel holder is very shiny

Inside our office, most of the staff is gone, there are only three of us left
What once felt like a family now feels like survivors hanging on
Not knowing how long we will stay adrift
Will we reach the flourishing oasis
Or we will drown before we reach the promised land?

Home in transition
After a refrigerator leak, a team came and knocked out a few feet of the wall
separating our living room and kitchen
Plus a couple of cabinets
Pots, pans and assorted appliances sit on the counter
Boxes and bags and cans of food are stacked in bigger boxes on the floor
In the next few weeks, we will need to pack up the kitchen and our living room
And relocate the furniture to our garage
To make room for new flooring

Life in transition
When so many parts of life feel like they are under construction
Is it a sign that it’s time to move on to the next chapter of our life?