Elvis obit

Clipping of Elvis’s obituary in the Aug. 19, 1977 issue of the Arizona Republic.

It always intrigues me how some people make such an impact on the world that when they leave it there are articles, documentaries, tributes and are celebrated years after they die. While others depart the world with nary a mention.

And some even have aspects of their life preserved, nearly untouched, 40 years after their death.

As you may guess from the above photograph, I am talking about Elvis. (I recently came across the newspaper clipping above at my dad’s house – the house I grew up in. It was hidden behind some books in a bookshelf in the guest bedroom and apparently clipped with a pair of scissors with jagged edges that I remember from my childhood.)

Last month my family and I were in Memphis and visited Graceland. We took the tour of Graceland and Elvis’s airplanes, both were decorated with the same items that were part of his daily life. The upstairs of his house – where he died – is off limits and apparently has been since the day he died. From what I’ve read, items in the rooms upstairs remain exactly how they were 40 years ago, although of course I don’t know for sure.

But it was weird to think that Elvis stood in the same rooms that my family and I stood in and that it was his home. (And that he never reached the age that I am now.) Talk about making an impact on the world, he is definitely one example.

Here are some photos from Graceland: