Nearly a year after I bought myself a interface so I could record songs at home, I finally sat down and recorded some of my recent songs.

Our house is in a bit of an uproar, since our whole downstairs is in boxes and all over the place because of recent water damage and the new cabinets and floors are in the process of being replaced. So it took a little while to find all the parts – the microphone, the microphone converter and the guitar cord – and it took a few minutes to set up everything up. Fortunately there are some tutorials on YouTube so I could figure out all the settings.

Yesterday I figured out the basics and was ready to record today. I only had a few hours of the Ableton live trial left so I set aside some time this morning to record the songs. When I turned on my computer, I received a notice that my computer detected a virus and needed to scan the computer so I got that started. For the next few hours, as I was trying to record the songs, a pop-up screen popped up every minute or so so I had to keep closing it.

With an hour or so left of the trial period – and many takes on the recording – I finally got one I thought sounded good. I went to save it and my computer crashed.

True story. A blue screen error (I found out that was what it was called as I troubleshooted on my laptop.) The virtual assistant game me instructions on what to do after the computer restarted a few times and didn’t show me the start screen, but my computer never restarted so that didn’t help. IMG_20170713_120954So I just shut down the computer. Things seem to be working so far, but unfortunately the last recording didn’t save so I had to set everything up again and try it again.

After I exported it, I made a little video using pictures from the awesome Pixabay site and here it is, my first recording using my little red interface. The song is called “Where we’ve been” and I wrote it during our trip to Las Vegas last week. I started it on the drive there, sang it all week, reworking much of the verses. I added the guitar when I got back home, made some more changes and here it is: