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Why does it so often seem that after a mass shooting happens, people are so shocked about the killer’s actions?

That’s been the case in many investigations, most recently the shooter in the Las Vegas massacre (I don’t even want to mention his name). His neighbors have expressed shock that someone in their quiet neighborhood committed such a horrific act. Even his brother has said multiple times in interviews that he had no idea about his brother’s gun obsession or evil intentions.

About a year ago there was another shooting – I don’t even remember the details because unfortunately they seem to happen frequently – and I had similar thoughts about the shooters’ loved ones/acquaintances. What must have gone through their heads when  they heard the news.

The initial shock at seeing someone they knew being accused of a heinous crime. Then the denial that they actually committed the crime – there must be some sort of mistake. Then anger – what were they thinking?! – and then, as time passes, the acceptance of what happened and having to move on from that.

As the investigation has unfolded these past few days about the Las Vegas shooting, and watching the interviews with the murderer’s brother, it  definitely sounds like the killer had a secret life. It reminded me of a song I wrote last year about this so I thought I’d share it here: